Baithak’s APT project became the excuse to bring Sushruti, Mandar and Dakshayani in a conversation. Gradually these conversations converted themselves into programs, projects and more conversations.

Mandar and Dakshayani’s work at Baithak Foundation generated the need for a space that developed a more holistic perspective on Indian Traditional Arts. Need for CASP was born out the challenges faced in defining, articulating and communicating the work of Baithak, such as the APT Project.

The archival, curatorial and performative work at Dakshina Dvaraka Foundation gave Baithak the opportunity to apply these new perspectives to impact thinking and decision making in their domain of work. In turn the conceptual thinking being developed at Dakshina Dvaraka found grounding in Baithak’s work with the community.

The idea to open up this rigorous space of deliberation to other like-minded individuals and organisations was only the natural next step.

Dr. Sushruti Santhanam

Sushruti brings together three very different worlds of inquiry and practice which include her over 3 decades long immersion in Carnatic music, a PhD in History and a deep and long engagement with artists and artisan communities. Her special focus is on the form and use of ‘tradition’ in Indian knowledge systems especially in arts & craft practice. Read complete profile

Dakshayani Athalye

Dakshayani is deeply impacted by the transformational power of Indian Traditional Arts. Her education of Law from ILS Law College, a Masters degree from Tata Institute Of Social Sciences in Mumbai with multiple years of experience of working with NGOs broadened her perspective on challenges, solutions and approaches to thinking about change. Dakshayani is also a trained Kirtankar (a traditional performative form of musical storytelling.)

Mandar Karanjkar

Mandar is a passionate believer in power of music as a tool for human development. A communication consultant, Mandar draws from rich corporate work experience and conducts corporate trainings and talks. He studied engineering at COEP, Pune. He is a published author with three books. Mandar is a student of Indian Khayal Music and has been fortunate to learn from late Pt. Vijay Sardeshmukh.